2023 HHL Annual Conference

Localisation in Practice – the future of health and humanitarian logistics systems

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The Must Attend Health and Humanitarian Systems Conference of the Year!

Join us on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Boma Hotel, under the auspices of the Kenya Red Cross in Nairobi, for a pivotal gathering of professionals, humanitarian groups, government officials, innovators, scholars, and more, all focused on the current and future landscape of health and humanitarian logistics. This conference offers an unmatched stage for sponsors and pioneering thinkers to present their brands and forge connections as part of a continuous annual sequence of impactful events. Engage with a blend of strategic insights and hands-on experiences through case studies and interactive discussions at this must-attend event.

East Africa Humanitarian Summit

In a significant stride towards innovation in public health logistics, Kenya takes center stage with the upcoming Health & Humanitarian Logistics (HHL) conference. The event is set to catalyze the sharing of knowledge within the country’s public health supply chain.

The HHL will strategically align with the East Africa Humanitarian Summit (EAHS), occurring back-to-back at Nairobi’s Trademark Hotel on November 23rd and 24th. This sequence of events is part of a broader initiative, closely following the Global Health Supply Chain Summit, Kenya, slated for November 14th to 16th. Together, these forums aim to forge a unified front of expertise and innovative practices in public health supply chain management.

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