Effective logistics = effective disaster management

Last year, 411 million people were affected by natural disasters (CRED, 2016).

How can we minimise this impact?

By better disaster preparedness and response, which depends upon effective logistics management. For every dollar raised for disaster relief, 80 cents is spent on emergency logistics. With your support, we can help ensure this money is spent wisely. And not wasted.

How we help humanitarian logisticians

Setting standards, providing training and encouraging collaboration for humanitarian logisticians ensures a more efficient response. We unite over 4,000 humanitarian logisticians globally who benefit from:

  • Empowerment – gaining specialist skills through accredited qualifications
  • Learning – developing through latest news, research and best practice
  • Collaboration – sharing experiences with other HLA members

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“It is imperative that the humanitarian relief community embraces new strategies, techniques and technologies for improving productivity and quality in services operations.”
Professor Peter Tatham, ‎Griffith University

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