Why HLA?

Better disaster preparedness and response depends upon effective logistics management. For every dollar raised for disaster relief, 80 cents is spent on emergency logistics. With your support, we can help ensure this money is spent wisely and not wasted.

How do we make a difference?

HLA is a non-profit, international membership association for humanitarian logistics professionals and organisations that respond to take relief to and create infrastructure for those affected by global emergencies.

As a UK-based NGO, HLA works to increase understanding and forge alliances between aid organisations, the private, public and academic sectors.

We aim to help make a difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of our members by setting standards, facilitating training and encouraging collaboration for humanitarian logisticians.

HLA is active in five areas

Our mission is to build a community of practice for advancing the humanitarian logistics profession by:

  • Training and education – the certificate in Humanitarian Logistics, which is administered by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT-UK).
  • Professionalism – we aim to develop a recognised career pathway for humanitarian logisticians.
  • Global network – we foster communities and knowledge-sharing.
  • Research and knowledge – we are creating a knowledge bank of internationally recognised best practice.
  • Events – we provide training and networking opportunities.

Who’s involved?

The vision for a Humanitarian Logistics Association was first articulated in 2005 by a senior group of humanitarian logisticians.  HLA was founded on 21 January 2008, and registered as a charity and formally recognised as an NGO with a global remit in 2009.  Today, a board of trustees governs HLA. Each trustee has extensive experience in the sector or has skills that promote its development.

How are we funded?

Apart from modest grants we manage to obtain from the likes of Skylife Foundation and the EU-Aid Volunteer Programme (ECHO), the HLA relies on individual donations, and primarily on the extensive volunteering of a few key people.

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In a ground-breaking moment at the Fritz Institute Humanitarian Logistics Conference in 2005, participants created and signed the Marco Polo Declaration – forming a professional humanitarian logistics association. Declaration signatories committed to establish an association that would serve as a catalyst to enhance the professionalisation of humanitarian logistics and the recognition of its strategic role in the effective delivery of relief during humanitarian crises.

In January 2009, the HLA was formally registered in the UK as a Non-Governmental Organisation (with a global remit). The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT-UK) hosts its secretariat.

HLA conferences and seminars serve to strengthen the humanitarian logistics network as a global community of practice. The community discusses emerging trends and collaborative approaches to address the difficulties experienced in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The association is a charitable company registered in England and Wales. Charity Number 1127723 and Company Limited by Guarantee Number 6477969.

The original steering group that supported the creation and evolution of HLA was composed of:

Martijn Blansjaar, Oxfam-GB
Jean-Christophe Crespel, La Guilde
Erland Egiziano, Action Contre La Faim (ACF)
George Fenton, World Vision International
Mike Goodhand, British Red Cross
Paul Molinaro, UNICEF
Martin Ohlsen, World Food Programme
Marin Tomas, International Medical Corps
Carsten Voelz, CARE International
Mitsuko Mizushima, Fritz Institute
Edita Nichols, Fritz Institute

The Steering Group was subsequently replaced by the Advisory Group. HLA’s day-to-day affairs are overseen by the HLA Board of Trustees, which is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation.

Following initial support from Fritz Institute, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK (CILT) kindly offered to host the HLA office.

Since inception, the HLA has relied on the services of a range of dedicated volunteers, without whom the Association would not be where it is today.

The association is a charitable company registered in England and Wales. Charity Number 1127723 and Company Limited by Guarantee Number 6477969.

George Fenton, Chief Executive

George was one of the original co-founders of the HLA in 2005 and has acted as a Trustee and volunteer CEO ever since. Outside this role, he is an independent consultant, providing services to support local and international aid organisations, United Nations, private sector and national Governments to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance.  Formerly he led the global humanitarian innovations and partnering group for World Vision International, which includes the Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) platform and iCash (innovations for cash programming) programme.
He is an ardent collaborator and connector and, during more than 30 years working within the humanitarian and development sectors, has founded several inter-agency groups and forums that have been aimed at improving operational collaboration and capacity building. For example, he founded the Inter-Agency Working Group on disaster preparedness for East Africa, which promotes knowledge and information sharing on humanitarian issues.

About Us - George Fenton - Humanitarian Logistics Association -

Mike Goodhand, OBE

A former policeman and commercial logistician, Mike joined the British Red Cross as a delegate in 1989, gaining significant experience in managing relief operations. He later established the international division’s logistics department and supported development of the Red Cross Movement’s Logistics Emergency Response Unit. As Head of Logistics, he is routinely called upon to deploy logistics resources immediately post disaster.

About Us - Mike Goodhand - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Maggie Heraty, OBE

Maggie Heraty OBE MSc FCILT is a senior humanitarian logistician, and former transport consultant, with significant experience of working with the UN and NGOs in ‘hazardous and hardship locations’ around the world. She is a hands-on transport and logistics specialist with experience at senior / project management levels and has been responsible for the policy, planning and implementation of numerous transport and supply chain operations.  She is a regular lecturer and trainer, including working with different military corps to improve civil-military cooperation in shared humanitarian space.

About Us - Maggie Heraty - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Mitsuko “Mich” Mizushima

Mich has led global teams and a multitude of projects in logistics and supply chain management for over 20 years. As Chief Logistics Officer at the Fritz Institute, this expertise expands its capability to provide best practices from private sector logistics to support the operations of its partners in the humanitarian relief community. She has led the creation of both traditional and online supply chain organisations, processes and services.

About Us - Mitsuko Mizushima - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Isaac Kwamy

Isaac joined HLA as a Trustee in early 2018. He is a senior-level professional with two decades of experience in strategic leadership, designing and delivering international development and relief programmes globally. He has a long history of using technology to aid in humanitarian operations, as the Director of Humanitarian Technologies & Innovation with World Vision International, then as the Global Programs Director of Humanitarian Operations at NetHope.

In his 18 years in the humanitarian sector, Isaac has deployed to over 24 countries and responded to countless emergency (disaster) situations. He has extensive experience at field and headquarter level, leading and managing NGO projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latina America, the Caribbean and Asia. He acts as a strategic and digital advisor to HLA.

About Us - Isaac Kwamy - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Sujit Jadhav, Treasurer

Sujit is an experienced financial manager, adept at creating and managing the implementation of business plans, budgets, management reporting systems, and financial models. He has 7 years of global experience across financial planning and analysis, management accounting, fundraising and credit risk management. Before joining HLA in 2018, he worked for Bank of America, ICICI Bank, and a number of non-profit educational establishments.

About Us - Sujit Jadhav - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Andrew Parkes, Global Operations Manager, Malaria Consortium

Andrew has been working in humanitarian logistics for 15 years in various roles, including as a first responder, and in country management and global leadership roles. He has worked in several contexts, including emergency responses, fragile states and developing countries, and has supported country, regional and global logistics and supply chain delivery and strategy design and implementation.

Nick Murdoch, Independent Logistics & Supply Chain Consultant

Nick is an independent logistics & supply chain consultant, with over 20 years’ experience in transport, logistics and supply chain and specialises in humanitarian logistics and public health supply chain management. He started his humanitarian career in 2002 with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as a fleet manager and logistics coordinator working in Malawi, Niger, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Dubai. During this period he also worked as an Operations Director in the Southern Africa trucking industry.

Building on his B.Com in Transport Studies from Lincoln University (NZ), Nick completed his MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Cranfield University (UK) in 2011, and started with DHL as Global Head of Aid & Relief Services in 2011, providing logistics and supply chain services to a range of humanitarian and public health customers until 2018.

Since then, Nick is working through his own consulting company, Erewhon Global Limited. As an independent consultant he has worked in Sudan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, USA and Europe. In 2014, Nick founded the Last Mile Club to promote networking and information sharing by humanitarian and public health logisticians in London.

Will Holden, Managing Director Emergency Logistics Team, CMILT

Will’s career has spanned 25 years in Commercial Supply Chain & Logistics operations in Ireland, UK, Europe, the US, Far East and Defence & Government Services projects in Afghanistan. Over the last 8 years he has worked on Humanitarian projects in Iraq, Turkey/Syria, South Sudan, Cambodia, Laos, China/Myanmar, Greece, Haiti and Yemen.
He has developed a course: Introductory Certificate in Procurement & Logistics – Humanitarian Context, endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport International and has now delivered this course in Ireland, Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan to over 150 individuals to date.

Will Holden photo

Martijn Blansjaar, Head of Supply and Logistics, OXFAM GB

Martijn Blansjaar is Head of Supply and Logistics for OXFAM GB’s International Programmes. He first entered the field of humanitarian logistics in 1987, when he joined MSF-Holland, in Uganda. Having spent several years in a variety of field-based positions for different organisations, he relocated to MSF-H’s headquarters in Amsterdam, assigned to evaluate special operations. Martijn combined his hands-on experience with a study of integral logistics management, followed by undertaking an MBA in the late 1990s. In 1997 he was appointed Coordinator for Technical Support in MSF Holland, and in 2001 he became MSF Holland Director of Logistics, a position which he held until he moved to his current job at Oxfam in 2006.
Martijn is Chair of the Board of the HELIOS Foundation for supply chain, Editorial Advisor for the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and SCM and member of the Advisory Committee that works with Fritz Institute and the UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) to develop and maintain a professional Certification for Humanitarian Logistics. He has appeared as a guest lecturer and contributed to research and curriculum development of various international institutions including MIT Zaragoza, Cranfield, USI Lugano, INSEAD and Hanken. Martijn lives in the UK with his wife and children.

Jane Tikhwi Muyundo, Castelbarco Capacity Building Consultants

Jane Muyundo has over 30 years’ extensive experience in the public, private and the humanitarian sectors’ supply chain, globally supporting operations in Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. She has worked on many donor-funded projects globally with organizations such as World Vision, Oxfam and was seconded to provide technical support in organizations such as World Food Programme and Mercy Corps. Her career-long goal has been to support developing and crisis-ridden countries, through providing leadership of very complex emergency responses and transitioning emergency supply chain to facilitate ongoing operations in development contexts, conducting organizational supply chain management reviews, establishing systems, processes, procedures and capacity building on implementation of supply chain systems. She has a passion especially for capacity development and has empowered staff through skills development on the job for over 30 years.

Stuart Smith, Global Director, Humanitarian, Volga Dnepr Group

Stuart Smith is the Global Director, Humanitarian, for Volga Dnepr Group. He joined the aviation sector in 2005 with a leading global aircraft charter organisation and was seconded to the Pakistan Kashmir region in 2005, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Between 2006 and 2011, Stuart managed the company’s air charter teams in United Arab Emirates, USA and France and continued to be involved in the provision of emergency airlift operations, including a secondment to Malaysia and Haiti. Stuart moved on to work as the Charter Sales Manager of Qatar Airways Cargo for 2 years, before returning to the air charter industry in 2014, working in both Istanbul and London for another international air charter organisation. He continued to be involved in International emergency aid response, organising cargo airlifts for a wide range of agencies to West Africa during the Ebola outbreak.
Stuart focused on last-mile humanitarian and conflict logistics during a stint working in Africa for a South-African aviation group. He was involved in the provision of both air charter and ACMI lease contracts for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to a large number of INGOs and UN agencies and joined the Humanitarian Logistics Association in 2016. Working for the Volga-Dnepr Group of international cargo airlines since 2017, Stuart is responsible for the development and expansion of the group’s activities in dealing with the Humanitarian and Development sector.

Neil Rodrigues, Director Global Supply Chain, International Medical Corps

Neil is a Supply Chain leader with multi-region & multi-sector executive experience in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the international development, aid and relief, commercial logistics, international trade & engineering sectors. Coming originally from an engineering & commercial logistics background, Neil has worked with a range of NGOs in recent years in leadership roles, including International Medical Corps, Save the Children UK and International & Merlin. With a passion for and expertise in developing countries, his objective is to drive excellence in high performing supply chain and logistics global operations through effective change management strategies & inspirational leadership.

Jarrod Goentzel, Director, MIT Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab

Jarrod Goentzel is founder and director of the MIT Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab in the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. His research focuses on meeting human needs in resource-constrained settings through better supply chain management, information systems, and decision support technology. Dr. Goentzel leads fieldwork in a range of contexts to develop insights that improve response efforts during emergencies and strengthen supply chains in vulnerable communities.

Previously, Dr. Goentzel was Executive Director of the MIT Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program, a nine-month master’s degree program. He joined MIT in 2003 and received a Ph.D. from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jarrod Gontzel HLA

Michael C. Whiting, independent humanitarian logistics consultant

Michael Whiting is an independent humanitarian logistics consultant. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), he has a passion for aviation, humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. His career in aviation spans almost 54 years and started as an Air Movements Officer in Nairobi during the Rhodesia Crisis. After Cyprus Michael was posted to the Ministry of Defence, where he served as the staff officer responsible for the movement of freight by air for the armed forces, and as Secretary of the Joint Movements Coordinating Committee (Freight). Since leaving the RAF Michael has worked as a consultant in various roles involving supply chain management and aviation, including working with the Namibian Police Force in the formation of an Air Wing.
In humanitarian aviation, Michael has responded to a number of humanitarian emergencies including in Rwandan in1996; the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami; Nias Earthquake 2005; Hurricane Katrina in 2005; and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Michael was Project Manager of a team that created the Logistics Operations Guide, a web-based tool available on the Logistics Cluster web site. He has recently worked as a senior logistics consultant with WFP on transformational logistics; OCHA on their emergency stockpiling policy; and, IATA conducting an Airline Humanitarian Support Assessment (AHSA).

Michael Whiting HLA

Ilse Larkin

Ilse is a Dutch national with a Masters degree in Transport and Logistics Management from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.
She has 12 years’ work experience in operational logistics and supply chain management, the past 7 of which in humanitarian logistics and programme management.
She has worked with the British Red Cross, DG-ECHO, DFID and Czech-based implementing partner People In Need. Ilse remotely supported humanitarian responses to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Yemen and has been deployed to support crises in the Ukraine, Angola, Yemen and Ethiopia.
Ilse is guest lecturer for the Humanitarian Logistics elective course at the University of Cranfield.

Ilse Larkin HLA

John Cropper, Lead, Program Management and Humanitarian, Humentum

John is currently Lead, Program Management and Humanitarian at Humentum – www.humentum.org. He is a dedicated professional with extensive international NGO management experience and MBA, MA qualified and a Prince 2 Practitioner. John worked for The British Council and Oxfam in various roles – including managing Oxfam’s project management systems, programme director in Central America and the Caribbean, and running a global programme on gender and governance. He then joined LINGOs – one of the organisations that merged to become Humentum. John is passionate about the ability of effective and efficient project management to help make the world a better place and he actively looks to collaborate with anyone, who shares these goals.

John helped develop the PMD Pro (project management for development professionals) certification, which has just passed a landmark of 20k successful candidates and is Vice Chair of PM4NGOs, the NGO that owns PMD Pro. He led development of PGMDPro (program management for development professionals) certification and works closely with the developers of the finance and MEAL DPro certifications. He would love to see a Supply Chain Dpro as well. He is interested in global development, project management and learning, is a keen chess player, fencer, runner and gardener.

John Coppe - HLA

Haydn Sandvig, Coach/Assessor, Logistics Learning Alliance

Haydn joined Logistics Learning Alliance in 2013 as a Coach / Assessor ro the FRITZ CHL/Medlog/CHSCM programmes. He also leads the face to face training events, principally in Africa, having developed and created the HELM set of programmes. Haydn brings to the humanitarian sector the mix of a commercial-minded approach and the humanitarian balance.
Haydn brings to the sector both the skills of 20 plus years in supply chain and logistics while serving in the British Royal Air Force and the skills from 10 years working in retail management roles.

Haydn Sandvig HLA

Otávio Costa

Otávio is a researcher and PhD candidate at Cranfield University, UK, focusing on procurement in humanitarian supply chains. Prior to his PhD, Otávio worked in emergency response in Brazil, South Sudan, Iraq and Bangladesh, both in (I)NGOs and UN agencies, with logistics, coordination and operations management. He holds an MSc in logistics system engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Rebecca Darts, Procurement Specialist, Oxfam Novib

Rebecca is a creative communications and strategic systems thinker with over six years of professional NGO sector experience and five years progressive supply chain and logistics related experience. She is passionate about enabling high quality, effective and timely programmes through effective supply chain and logistics management.
Currently working as a procurement specialist for Oxfam Novib, Rebecca has actively supported logistics training for country teams having designed training materials,  and a market-based programming guide.
She has led several strategic supply chain and logistics projects in Oxfam including launching Digital Platforms, Women in Logistics, Safeguarding and several interactive e-learning modules. Rebecca was technical lead for the PARCEL project (building partner capacity in logistics) the website for which is hosted by HLA.

Nicola Webb, Commercial Director

In her 30 plus years in sales and marketing, Nicola has gained in-depth experience of the full range of marketing techniques, from devising strategy and planning, through online marketing, advertising and media relations, to key account management, business development and tenders. Her experience lies principally in acting for professional services organisations and latterly, NGOs.

Her role at HLA encompasses key account and membership management, and marketing and communications.

Dr. Thomas E Fernandez, Regional Coordinator – South East Asia

Thomas comes from the commercial logistics sector, and has also provided logistics services to humanitarian organisations. After working for multinational logistics companies for two decades, he opened his own logistics company in Thailand in 2008, specialising in aid and relief goods. Finding humanitarian logistics very interesting, he completed the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) at the Fritz Institute and later completed his PhD in Logistics in 2016 on humanitarian logistics.

He has much practical experience. He has provided logistics services in the aid and relief market directly and indirectly, as a sub-contractor to multinationals. He also lectures in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Thomas has lived and worked in South East Asia since 1990. He became the HLA’s RedDot for South East Asia in 2017, where his role is to improve the community and best practice locally, and to network with practitioners, partners and suppliers to the sector.

Sally Deffor, Communications Executive

Sally Deffor is an experienced media and communications professional in the nonprofit, research and humanitarian fields, and has worked in Africa, Europe and Asia. She holds a Ph.D. in Digital Media from the University of Central Lancashire (UK), and an MA in Communication for Development from Malmo University (Sweden). She’s most recently been Program Director at Internews Network, while continuing to undertake independent research into news media and science communication. Her latest publication, a book chapter titled “Ebola, and the Reimagining of Health Communication in Liberia” is due to be published by Springer in summer 2019.

Sally was previously volunteer Head of Communications at Contra Nocendi International, Strategic Communications Advisor with The World Bank’s Capacity Building for Results program, Project Coordinator at Open Knowledge International, and Google Policy Fellow 2013, amongst others. She’s an accomplished editor who has edited for the likes of UNV, UN SGAC, L’Osservatorio, and Plan International. As Communications Executive at HLA, Sally is contributing to strategy development, marketing, and stakeholder engagement efforts.

Sally Deffor HLA

Farshid Raminfar, Social Media Manager

Farshid is an experienced social media marketer, with extensive experience of the humanitarian sector, having previously worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council, World Food Programme and Medicine Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and he is working for American Red Cross as Development Operations Specialist. He has been a member of and worked with the HLA in a volunteer capacity since 2010.

Farshid handles all social media marketing to keep communications between members active, including planning and implementing campaigns across the website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Also as a freelance consultant he helps non-profits on digital strategy, planning and implementation; web design and development; digital communications; email marketing; and creating short videos.

About Us - Farshid Raminfar - Humanitarian Logistics Association

Hermione Regan, Membership Management Executive

Hermione is at the start of her career in humanitarian logistics, having previously been a volunteer trustee and Head of UK Operations for an NGO working with refugees in Northern France. She worked for the economic development team of her local authority whilst finishing her modern languages degree, and has recently returned from Germany, where she spent a year researching the impact of voluntary organisations on refugees’ employability. Hermione’s role with the HLA is Membership and Sponsorship management, engaging with corporate members and sponsors to ensure the benefits of collaborating with HLA are maximised.

Nicodemus Ndeti, National Coordinator Kenya

Nicodemus has over 15 years of experience commercial logistics in both the humanitarian and private sector, including theUnited Nations, international NGO’s and multi-national logistics companies. Among the countries he has worked and held senior management roles in, include Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Mozambique, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

His areas of expertise include complex supply chain management, procurement and purchasing, cross-border expertise in strategic business development (UN/Governments/projects/oil & gas), international shipping  and logistics business, warehousing, and project start-up planning & execution.

Nicodemus holds an advanced Diploma in logistics/transport and warehousing from the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT UK), an advanced Diploma in Project Planning & Management from Hampton College, and a Masters Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology in Kenya.

Christiano Oduol, Deputy National Coordinator Kenya

Christiano has a career spanning accounting, auditing, HR consultancy, training, strategic planning, and humanitarian logistics. He has worked for the UN/UNICEF, national Kenyan NGO’s and various commercial companies and has been deployed in Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. His career highlights include the set-up of a field accounting, logistical & procurement system for KFFHC Food Security System in Kenya; help set up an Ecumenical intervention for AACC/Lott Carey Baptist Mission (Washington, USA) for the Tsunami disaster in the East African Coast,Somalia; and the same for the war disaster in Northern Uganda.

Christiano holds certificates and memberships of the Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, the Kenya Institute of Management, and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (UK).