Humanitarian Health Supply Chains

Humanitarian Health Supply Chain

The Health and Humanitarian Supply Chain advocacy group (HHSC) is an initiative set up to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health and humanitarian supply chains in low to middle-income countries (LMICs).

HLA, People that Deliver (PtD), and the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) have joined forces to focus on:
A policy change that helps align policies and processes to enable health supply chain design improvements that are locally driven and globally recognised and supported.
Resource optimization that supports cross-sector collaboration and partnerships to improve supply chain effectiveness
Research, case studies, and projects that generate evidence to provoke mindset changes, paradigm shifts in an organisational approach to Health Supply Chain operations, support skills development, and improvement in supply chain design.

The Problem To Overcome

Despite huge investment in health services, the supply chain function in public health systems in developing economies is rarely acknowledged, with little investment in personnel, systems, or infrastructure, despite its strategic importance.

Logisticians and supply chain personnel working in the health supply chains, often lack key competencies that are critical to successful operations. Approaches to solutions and funding for organisational and national supply chain improvements are often fragmented and disconnected leading to inefficient and ineffective health supply chains, affecting national capability to build resilience and respond to health needs in disasters and humanitarian crises.

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