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Wednesday 4th September, UK

As you have probably heard, Dorian is the strongest hurricane on record for the Bahamas. A CDEMA Rapid Needs Assessment Teams are likely to deploy late 3 September or early 4 September.

The priority post-impact needs, according to UNOCHA are likely to be water and waste water management (hygiene kits, water, jerry cans, buckets and latrines) and food.

Dorian’s track has currently stalled which is impacting airport accessibility in the Bahamas, especially to Nassau (NAS/MYNN), the largest airport in the archipelago which is having OPEN status however flights are not arriving yet.

Volga-Dnepr Group wishes to advise of its updated information regarding accessibility to the Bahamas for possible air response operations (to the best of its knowledge at 1900 UTC, including brief summary of aircraft operating types & facilities). We also detail at the bottom our aircraft availability……

Lynden Pindling International

(MYNN / NAS) – Nassau – N25 02.3 W077 28.0

OPEN/INTERNATIONAL, ATC Services are provided.

However no aircraft movements are yet recorded due to stalled hurricane 90 Nautical Miles from airport. Occasional rain squalls and tropical storm wind speeds. Air Traffic Services (ATS) will be normal and conditions good, no standing water at the time of this report (Source: ICAO).

There are reports of 3 aborted landings of commercial flights due to strong squalls / crosswinds.

 Aircraft Accessibility:

MYNN/NAS has a MDL and can accommodate widebody freighter types include B747F series

AN124 and IL76-TD-90VD can operate into NAS

Leonard M Thompson International

(MYAM / MHH) – Marsh Harbour – N26 30.6 W077 05.1


CLOSED from 31 August 19:00 UTC until 3 September 09:49 UTC 2019 due to passage of Hurricane Dorian (Times may change due to weather) (Source: NOTAM)

Aircraft Accessibility:

MYAM/MHH has a shorter runway and status of airport handling equipment unknown

IL76-TD-90VD can operate into MHH with reduced payload (and further reduced if lack of Jet A1)

Airport reported to be under water now **  

Grand Bahama International Airport

(MYGF/FPO)– Grand Bahamas (GBIA)

CLOSED due to passage of Hurricane Dorian – From 30 August 02:00 UTC until 3 September 10:00 UTC 2019. Times may change due to weather (Source: NOTAM

1230UTC Update: FPO damage assessment not available.

Aircraft Accessibility:

MYGF/FPO has a MDL advised and can accommodate widebody freighter types include B747F series

AN124 and IL76-TD-90VD can operate into NAS

All Other Bahamas Secondary Airports

Reported as closed

Wider Airspace Remarks (1230UTC Update)

  • Miami Center has closed all ocean routes to east coast UFN. Traffic to MIA airport is being routed over West Florida.
  • FLL tower and airport will close at 1700UTC. No services will be available UFN
  • PBI tower and airport will close. Time TBD.
  • MIA airport plans to remain open.
  • Dominican Republic all airports and airspace open
  • Puerto Rico all airports and airspace open.
  • Provo all facilities operating normally.
  • MCO airport at this time will remain open unless the storm track changes.
  • SFB airport is open and is expected to remain open.
  • JAX airport is open. Watching the storm movement . Will advise if they are going to close.