HLA is pleased to announce that late last year, SkyLIFE joined the Humanitarian Logistics Association as a corporate member and sponsor.  Over the past 10 years, the family of SkyLIFE companies has created and developed state of the art aerial deployment mechanisms for Humanitarian Aid and natural disaster purposes. SkyLIFE started in 2010 after the Haiti earthquake left the country devastated. The aftermath provided a clear warning that innovations in the sector of Humanitarian Aid were wasteful and inefficient, leaving thousands with no water, food or shelter. With little access to roads and overtake of large palleted food supplies, SkyLIFE realized the only way to get aid to those in need would be via aircraft.

Working with NGOs, the UN, WFP and others, SkyLIFe’S team has designed a number of products to aid emergency relief. Over the last 10 years SkyLIFE has reached countries in East Africa, dropping more than 500,000 systems of oil and 100,000 Sky Systems, totalling over 80 villages and saving one customer $45 million.

Yet, SkyLIFE’s story does not stop there.  SkyLIFE is expanding globally to the Asian-Pacific region including addressing immediate needs in China, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. SkyLIFE’s state of the art SkyPACKS containing supplies of food, water, shelter and hygiene materials, energy needs, and emergency medical care, can be dropped from the sky and dispersed through communities within seconds. SkyPACKS are the new state of the art Humanitarian Aid, created to float harmlessly to the ground for those in urgent need. The SkyBOX encompasses the SkyPACKS and allows for the easy dispersement over communities within 24 hours hours after a disaster strike. SkyLIFE has made reaching the “unreachable” reachable.

SkyLIFE is a proud sponsor of the Humanitarian Logistics Association.  Through HLA, SkyLIFE established a strong bond with the People’s Republic of China. As CEO of SkyLIFE, Jeffery Potter, states: “It is an honour to be part of an organization that works to connect the Republic of China with businesses, stretching from our own local Great Lake Region to Asia, by focusing on trust-building efforts, connection of government officials, business leaders and community interests.”

SkyLIFE also participated in the 7th annual general assembly, held in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2019, where Jeffery Potter was a key speaker.  In the assembly, Mr. Potter expressed how SkyLIFE is revolutionizing the humanitarian logistics space through innovative ways of delivering Humanitarian Aid, with creation of the world’s fastest emergency response via prepositioning and applying technology for faster, efficient and cost-effective delivery.  SkyLIFE created the SkyBOX system to reach their ultimate goal of saving lives.

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