We are pleased to announce that the Humanitarian Supply Chain division of Save the Children International has become an NGO/Corporate member of HLA.

London-Based Sue Hodgson, StC’s Head of Humanitarian Supply Chain, said: “The benefit of being a member of the HLA for StC is to be able to share ideas, discuss collaboration in an independent environment, and to explore and take forward ideas on behalf of many agencies.  Having a central focus on Humanitarian Logistics themes, we can address issues such as importation restrictions, improved sharing of new technology and innovation, and experiences to benefit the vulnerable populations we seek to support.”

Save the Children’s Supply Chain function is responsible for getting the right quality goods and services to the place of need at the required time, in a cost-effective way, enabling the delivery of its programmes in humanitarian and development contexts.  It works collaboratively with other functions to ensure forward plans are in place to better manage its supply chain and to be the sector’s leading Procurement function. The team consistently delivers the right supply solution, to enable high quality programmes and build a value-for-money culture across the organisation, whilst minimising procurement risks.

For more information on StC’s work, visit our partner page or their website: