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The HLA Hum-Log Portal is a collection of  valuable texts on humanitarian logistics practice curated from reputable sources including The Logistics Cluster, HPN, KnowledgePoint, academic institutions and HLA original content.

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We are working on several research projects, which we hope will improve best practice in the sector.

Participants wanted for research study: we have been asked by a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto to seek voluntary participants for a study into information behaviour of emergency responders. Click here for more information.

We are working in collaboration with Professor Peter Tatham, Professor of Humanitarian Logistics at Griffith University, Brisbane on an extensive Body of Knowledge project, covering 8 key pillars of humanitarian logistics.


HLA provides technical support to field logisticians in partnership with RedR UK on the online service, KnowledgePoint. There you can find free, expert advice to NGOs and aid workers operating anywhere in the world.

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Enabling Technologies

Frontline SMS    Ushahidi

Technology Communities

CrisisCommons    Crisis Mappers    NetHope

ITC Infrastructure

Inveneo    Telecoms Sans Frontieres



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Managing the humanitarian supply chain: Slides from one hour workshop in November 2018, given by Peter Jones of Logistics Learning Alliance, covering market-based assistance, the use of cash transfers and blockchain technology. Click to view.

An introduction to humanitarian blockchain: Slides from a 25 minute workshop in November 2018, given by Alesh Brown of BeDataReady and HumanityChain. Click to view.