HLA Associate (free) Membership

Individual HLA Associate (free) Membership

We offer Associate (free but with restricted access) membership to students, wherever they are located, and to those people living in and/or employed by organisations based in Least Developed Countries with a GDP (average income) per head, per year that is under US $1,700 (as published by the World Bank in 2016) – click on the link below to see the list.

If you work outside of an LDC or are paid by a non-LDC based organisation, we ask you to take out Full membership at US $35.

Click here to check if you qualify as being in a Least Developed Country

You will have restricted access to our site, excluding access to our Hum-Log Knowledge Portal and will not receive discounts off training and events.

  • Join the HLA community for free
  • Receive email updates from the HLA featuring news and events
  • Restricted website access

If you are in a Least Developed Country but feel are able to support our work financially for less than the US $35 Full membership, please consider making a one-off donation.

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If you are not in a Least Developed country, please click here to apply for standard Full Membership.