As the main humanitarian airdrop company around the world, POTTER’s SkyLIFE Global complements humanitarian relief efforts with its innovative delivery technology  

POTTER’s division, SkyLIFE Global sought to improve the way disaster relief was delivered to those in dire need through cost-effective and fast logistics. Natural Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere causing widespread panic, displacement and loss-of-life throughout the world at a second notice. To mitigate loss-of-life SkyLIFE developed aerial delivery systems to allow for immediate and accessible aid in the aftermath of disaster or crisis.


To stabilize the airdrop humanitarian logistics sector, SkyLIFE Global’s development team at POTTER has created their new small-craft side door deployment systems (The POTTER deployment system – PDS). CEO Jeffrey Potter stated: “This allows for almost any small aircraft with side door ingress and egress to airdrop with the same capability of their larger rear door cousins-this is a real game changer.”

SkyLIFE Global, is partnering with NGO, John Dau Foundation for the new PDS airdrop technology. The mission of JDF is to build and run medical clinics and train community health workers. The Foundation also administers nutritional programs specifically targeting children and pregnant or lactating women in several villages in South Sudan. JDF and SkyLIFE have partnered up to deliver vital aid to people in need.  

“When I learned about SkyLIFE, I was inspired by the innovative technologies that Jeffrey Potter and his POTTER team have developed to alleviate suffering and bring hope to those living in the world’s most difficult places. John Dau Foundation works in places that can be impossible to deliver humanitarian supplies and medicines to in any other way. We are all grateful to the SkyLIFE team who will help bring needed aid to our facilities in South Sudan.” Dan Puls CEO of the JDF foundation 

“Millions of people are displaced every year worldwide due to natural disasters. And two decades of trends have shown, on average, more than 380 natural disasters occur worldwide. It is essential for first responders to have better disaster preparedness plans when facing big quantities of disasters everywhere that can happen anytime, anywhere. To have a great humanitarian aid plan a disaster preparedness team must have effective logistics management. “ Anais Klopping President of SkyLIFE Global

JDF has supplied the provisions for delivery. The list includes items like malaria tablets, buckets, medical supplies and, beds. Beginning in February, SkyLIFE Global will begin airdropping to JDF’s 21 Health care and nutrition facilities in Duk and Twic East Counties, South Sudan. South Sudan is a region of the world where access to critical supplies is limited and aid delivery is challenging. SkyLIFE’s airdrop technology, developed by POTTER, with be solving this problem of remote access, which has kept the facilities from being stocked with needed supplies. The facilities to which SkyLIFE will be airdropping have not seen these supplies in months. For this reason, airdropping aid is an ideal solution for this humanitarian effort and SkyLIFE Global is honored to be working on this project for JDF.