SkyLife Technology

The SkyLife Company was formed by founder and CEO Jeffrey Potter in 2010, in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Skylife Technology’s mission is to radically improve humanitarian assistance and disaster relief by designing innovative aid technologies. Working with NGOs, the UN, WFP and others, Skylife’s team has designed a number of products to aid emergency relief, including:

SKYCOM: audio cards with pre-recorded audio messages and embedded radio receiver provide a means of mass communication to people in disaster effected areas.

SkyPACKS: individual life saving packs that are aerodynamically engineered to float harmlessly to the ground, carrying a myriad of payloads to disaster victims who are in need.

Pop-Top Box: these are engineered to ensure effective dispersal of SkyPACKS, in air, by creating a lid that changes into a parachute once dropped from the plane.

SkyBOX: created for large or fragile items that need to be safely delivered, these do not open in mid-flight, but float harmlessly to the ground under a special parachute.

RPS: this has been designed to allow aid providers to set up a SkyLIFE pack production facility in remote areas.

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