This is a round-up of activities undertaken by HLA members in Mozambique recently, following the devastation caused by floods and Cyclone Idai.

HLA’s George Fenton visits for Airlink

George Fenton, CEO of HLA, spent a week in Beira and its surrounds, partly in his role as a Board member for US NGO, Airlink.  Airlink provided transportation to World Central Kitchen staffers supporting their operation in Mozambique. With need persisting, the group is providing 20,000 meals a day to sites, including schools, throughout Beira. WCK was founded by US celebrity chef José Andrés.

Liz Bloomfield, Airlink’s Director of Humanitarian Programs, stated that aid was making a massive difference. For example, while the number of registered cholera cases continues to rise, 97% of the 3,577 reported cases have now been treated and recovered. Furthermore, in recent days the number of people receiving the cholera vaccine has risen to 82% of the target, with almost 745,609 people now vaccinated. This example demonstrates why it is so essential for the medical professionals and other qualified experts Airlink transports to get on the ground quickly in the aftermath of a disaster.

Second mobile poll from Geopoll shows progress

A month following Cyclone Idai’s landfall, GeoPoll has released results from a second survey conducted in the region in the weeks following the storm. This survey focused on ongoing impacts of Cyclone Idai, including food security, job and income loss, and concern over cholera and other medical needs. The full report and interactive dashboard can be found for free here: On-the-Ground Data from Mozambique.

Key findings include:

  • In Beira city, 53.1% say they have access to clean water, up from only 14.7% who had access to clean water a week after the cyclone.
  • Many are relying on less expensive or preferred foods; 72.57% overall and 80.1% in Sofala report eating less preferred foods on 4 or more days in the past 7 day.
  • Only 32.5% in Beira say aid organizations are in their area. Just 28.8% in Beira have received aid in the past 7 days.
  • 85.9% say they are very concerned about contracting cholera, and only 1.8% are not worried at all about the disease.
  • 41.6% in all regions and 57.1% in Sofala say they know someone who has contracted cholera since the cyclone.

Volga-Dnepr report on further possible storms

Within a month of Cyclone Idai, Volga-Dnepr has been tracking the possibility of significant impact again with Cyclone Kenneth moving across Comoros & Northern Mozambique. Volga-Dnepr are tracking airport access and give this overview of local provision.

Comoros Islands

Moroni – Prince Saeeid International Airport (IATA: HAH)
International airport & customs – Runway suitable for large freighter ops
Main Deck Loader (MDL) available for download large freighters

Nacala Airport (IATA: MNC)
International airport and customs services advised 0400z-1500z
Runway 3100m asphalt – suitable for aircraft types ramp such as IL76-TD-90VD/AN124
No Main Deck loader , forklift and manpower available for offloading
Pemba Airport (IATA: POL)
Small international airport & customs available
Runway 1800 m – short RWY for larger aircraft types, too short for IL76 with realistic payload vs temperatures (smaller aircraft likely)

Mtwara Airport (IATA: MYW)
Not international airport but customs & immigration advised available
No Main Deck Loader for offloading large aircraft / only forklift (max capability 7T)