Who can join?

Any person interested in logistics in the humanitarian sector can join and become a member.

For example, you may be a:

  • Logistician in the humanitarian sector
  • Logistician in the private sector
  • Manager of operations
  • Student or researcher
  • Journalist

As a member you are granted access to our newsletters, exclusive community announcements and our online job board. You are also welcome to submit your own news.

Membership is currently free of charge. If you would like to become a member, fill in our online form.

Apply for membership online

Alternatively, download the membership application form below, complete it and email it to membership@humanitarianlogistics.org so that we can determine your member grade.

HLA Membership Form

A “Red Dot”is a volunteer HLA member based in a country or region with responsibility to expand the aims and objectives of the association. Local Red Dot activities maybe supported remotely by the HLA secretariat and can include formal or informal meetings, workshops, seminars or webinars to discuss the latest news and innovations in the humanitarian logistics sector. Red Dots promote the sharing of information and knowledge and provide peer-to-peer support.

We currently have active Red Dots in South East Asia and Africa.

For more information on becoming a Red Dot please contact HLA Membership

Increasingly in complex disasters, logisticians and other relief workers are called on to provide solutions beyond their own experience and knowledge. Immediate specialist technical support helps ensure that personnel, often working in remote locations, can solve problems quickly and effectively, and provide better assistance to local populations.

In partnership with RedR UK, we provide free, expert advice to NGOs and logisticians undertaking programmes anywhere in the world through the platform KnowledgePoint.

If you’re involved in any kind of humanitarian or development work and have a technical problem in the field, ask us a question and get our expert advice – fast.

How are we funded?

Apart from modest grants, HLA relies on individual donations, and primarily on the extensive volunteering of a few key people.

HLA needs to raise sufficient annual funds to allow for two full-time staff members, to devise and oversee its strategic development and to implement a range of activities.

HLA’s goals for the next 2 years are to:

  • Host an online jobs board for members seeking work globally
  • Facilitate an online discussion group to enable knowledge-sharing
  • Provide a range of regional training and networking events in accessible countries
  • Create a series of training webinars to share best practice and aid professional development

How will you benefit from partnering with us?

HLA members range from directors and heads of logistics in international NGOs, to country managers and field logisticians. Many are budget-holders and decision-makers for a wide range of equipment and services, with a global remit. In-country field workers have their own budgets and personal need for equipment, such as IT, communications and transport.

Corporate partner/sponsors would have access to our members, via our database (subject to data protection requirements), and via events and training. We would work closely with you to generate publicity via our website, active social media programme and quarterly newsletter, which is well-read by our 3,000 plus members.

Corporate sponsorship would:

  • Demonstrate a measurable commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Improve your public profile and differentiate your brand
  • Increase customer loyalty and sales
  • Achieve high staff morale, motivation and pride in your company
  • Make a real difference to humanitarian logistics professionals and those they help.

The benefits gained and their duration would depend on the level of contribution, to be reached via agreement with HLA’s Chairman, George Fenton.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact membership@humanitarianlogistics.org