A statement from the German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, at the Munich Security Conference on February 17th 2018 emphasized the need to look upon Africa as a continent of opportunity (source).

Instead of pursuing all previous efforts in development aid, a change of mindset is, according to him, necessary, to foster a climate of investment confidence and willingness to build up entrepreneurial structures in African countries. It is targeted to stimulate European entrepreneurs investing in these emerging markets, in parallel to existing humanitarian aid.

But the willingness to make investment possibilities in that region is often impaired by isolated local infrastructures, complex official and governmental structures, as well as a shortage of skilled workers and employees in the local labour market.

With stable logistics networks, relying on functioning infrastructure, working administrative processes and skilled logisticians, the attractiveness of establishing business in developing and emerging countries increases, while complexity along supply chains decreases.

So, as we see, logistics plays a major role in economically stimulating development efforts.

And that is exactly where consultancy, Global Logistics Competence (GLC) steps in. As a “logistics gardener” of logistics process landscapes, GLC models optimal, efficient, flexible, yet robust logistics solutions along the whole supply chain.

GLC aims to support entrepreneurs, from a logistics perspective, in their decision to establish a business abroad.

With NETWORK DISCOVERY – WAREHOUSE TECHNIQUE DISCOVERY – TALENT DISCOVERY, the GLC product portfolio covers all requirements of a logistics value chain.

With sophisticated logistics planning and simulation methods, robust multi-modal logistics networks are conceived, taking local circumstances like the last mile into account, and evaluating these solutions cost-effectively.

Furthermore, GLC´s strength lies in supporting customers locally, while implementing new logistics structures on-site.

Either via employee search or on-site or online training, GLC provides a bandwidth of coaching expertise in logistics, helping customers to establish a strong operational workforce, skilled in previously defined processes and technologically enabled to meet the targets of the business.

If you see Africa as a continent of opportunity and you are seeking a counterpart in logistics, then feel free to contact us. We are highly interested in establishing trusting and long-term partnerships.

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