A Team of Modern-Day Engineers Creates Affordable Technology for Easy Implementation and Equal Access to Information in Developing Countries

A technology known as Learn Kernel, used for information dissemination, is confirming its positive impact through its current pilot programs. This device is designed to bridge the educational divide, lack of internet and affordability that millions of vulnerable are facing worldwide.

Learn Kernel, a tablet like device, enables individuals living in remote areas of the world to have equal access to education and information that many currently lack. How does this technology work? “A simple play/pause, rewind and chapter control are the core functions of the Navigator series which is primarily used for Learn Kernels education focus” states Luis Lozada, Senior Program Manager.

Learn Kernel has two series; the Cruise™ series, for short on-the-go messages and the Navigator™ Series for various learning programs.

Learn Kernel has 5 focus groups EduCARE, AgriTECH, BizLINK, MedLINK, and IntelGOV all of which allow for children and adults to better develop the knowledge and skills needed to boost their countries economic growth and sustainability.

The fundamental belief underpinning Learn Kernel technology is equal access to education and affordability for all. This technology seeks to meet the immediate learning needs of communities, recognizing that there are vast disparities in technology, infrastructure, and connectivity from one place to another. Anais Klopping, president of Learn Kernel states ” Our hope is to facilitate learning in any environment, making learning affordable and possible regardless of location.”

Looking into 2022 Learn Kernel will be furthering its potential Global Expansion into a multitude of countries. Learn Kernel is currently working with its partners in Honduras, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda and soon to be Tanzenia, Cameroon and India.  Current programs have consisted of education in schools, prevention of crop failure and sustainability, among others.

Why is This Innovation so Crucial for The Developing World ?

Learn Kernel provides an unparalleled approach to those facing vulnerable positions for implementation of a sustainable information system where both children and adults can learn crucial skills. This allows for a short-term increase in advanced skill learning and a long-term impact of an economic growth and sustainability in developing countries. With Learn Kernels’ unique engineered hard cases, no Wi-Fi needed for video play and affordability; this allows for even those in the most remote areas of the world to have access to great education.

Learn Kernel
Learn Kernel device


The Navigator

  • Pause/Play
  • Rewind
  • Chapter Selection
  • Patent Pending Security

For more information visit: www.learnkernel.com