HLA provides technical support to field logisticians in partnership with RedR UK on its online service, KnowledgePoint. There you can find free, expert advice to NGOs and aid workers operating anywhere in the world.

Humanitarian logistics is a complex, contested and largely unresearched. Whether you have just landed in a role as field logistician or have extensive experience, the challenges in aid delivery can be overwhelming.

We encourage our members and readers to register on the platform and pose your questions. There is also opportunity to become a part of RedR’s panel of experts. The questions and answers supplied by HLA experts to date include:

  • using motorcycles for last mile distribution
  • safe storage and management of a fuel supply
  • the role of logistics in cash and markets
  • how to stop local soap suppliers from price fixing

If you’re involved in any kind of humanitarian or development work and have a technical problem in the field, KnowledgePoint can offer you expert advice – fast. Simply sign up, post a query in their forum, and you’ll get an answer from one of their 150 technical experts around the world – normally within 48 hours. In 2016, over 200 questions and answers were given online.

Find out more on our Knowledge page and explore the KP Logistics tag here.