We have been contacted by Jihee Kim, a PhD student in Logistics and Operations Management at
Cardiff University. Jihee is looking for humanitarian organisations who are interested in being interviewed about Supplier Relationships (integration). Following the research, Jihee will provide the internal organisational report for all participants. She can visit them to conduct interviews, including overseas.
Ideally, the organisations will have dealt with several suppliers so far (abour 6-7 at least, excluding stationery suppliers). The suppliers can include both regular ones and one-time transactions.
 Jihee would like to conduct the interviews with:
1. the staffs in the departments that are more involved with suppliers
(e.g. procurement department, logistics department or programmes staffs
2. senior managers/Directors of the above.
Any NGO interested in helping and benefiting from the research findings should contact Jihee at KimJ14@cardiff.ac.uk and she can send full details.