We were recently approached by a Dutch student, Merel Gringhuis, who is doing her degree in International Development Management, majoring in Disaster Risk Management. This is her request:

“I am currently finalising my minor in Conflict Studies after which I am required to fulfil a 20 week internship as part of my bachelor’s curriculum. I am writing to you as I was wondering if the HLA can possibly assist in this process.

Before starting my bachelor IDM, I was working as a production planner of fast moving consumer goods in the corporate sector. This included a wide range of supply chain management activities.  I have become passionate about this area and would like to focus on the humanitarian sector. It is therefore my intention to specialise in humanitarian logistics, a topic on which I am also planning to write my thesis.

For this reason I am looking for a fulltime internship in the field of logistics, starting from the beginning of May for a duration of 20 working weeks.

Prior to my studies I have travelled and worked in numerous countries in Eastern Europe. During my studies I have completed a number of assignments for commissioners in the humanitarian sector in addition to an internship in Southern Uganda. With regard to humanitarian logistics, as part of my curriculum, I have created a resource package for a fictive commissioner, concerning process improvement of humanitarian logistics in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for which I have worked, together with former SARC staff. As such I have gained experience in working abroad, on logistics, and humanitarian projects. What I would really want now is to bring all these elements together in one internship.

With regard to an internship I have set three main criteria for myself in finding one, namely: a position focussing specifically on logistics; a link to (post-)conflict dynamics; and located in an Arabic speaking country. As my interest is in logistics in (post-) conflict zones, I would be particularly interested in working in northern Iraq e.g. Erbil. Its vicinity to these zones adds another dimension of learning opportunities specifically related to the dynamics of these contexts, while still meeting safety requirements set by my university.  At the moment I am studying Arabic and this is something I would like to continue doing during my internship.

Anyone who can help Merel,please contact her by email at Merel.gringhuis@gmail.com and she can provide a full resume.