HLA is pleased to announce its final line-up of sponsors for the General Assembly, slated for October 1st in Nairobi, which is running prior to and linked with the 7th Africa Logistics Conference at the same venue.

These partners are all committed to supporting HLA and its members, advisors, and supporters to deliver an exciting package of discussions and interactions at the one-day meeting on the theme Enhancing public and private sector engagement in Humanitarian Logistics – shaping the next decade.”

These partners are looking to support critical discussions and planning in the thematic areas of

  • Connecting networks – the key operational and relationship challenges among networks in the Humanitarian Logistics (HL) space
  • Standards – scope and priorities for the work needed to develop standards for HL
  • Climate change – the roles, challenges and opportunities for the humanitarian, private and public sectors to develop and manage eco supply chains
  • Humanitarian Aviation – how cross-sector connectedness and information sharing can be improved at the local level.


These partners are

Bolloré Logistics ranks among the world’s top 10 in transport and logistics. Deployed on five continents, Bolloré Logistics’ Aid & Relief experts has acquired a strong understanding of local requirements.

Astral Aviation is a licensed cargo airline that has been operating in Africa for over 18 years. It provides reliable and cost-effective airfreight solutions, using a combination of schedule and charter flights within its intra-African and European network.

Tristar is a fully integrated Liquid Logistics Solutions provider catering to the needs of the petroleum and chemical industries, globally.

Skylife Technology disbursement systems, coupled with aerodynamic single-serve delivery packets, offers its customers the opportunity to distribute relief aid products such as food, water, shelter, first aid and personal hygiene supplies, directly to those in need immediately after natural or man-made disasters. 

Techno Relief Services is a global supplier for emergency relief, shelter, rehabilitation and developmental projects. It has an extensive logistical network enabling them to service various aid and relief agencies worldwide with core supplies including shelter, emergency kits, basic medical kits, water and sanitation items and basic supplies for agriculture, fishing, kitchen, hygiene and education.


Banner photo credit: SkyLIFE Technologies