HLA are pleased to announce that we have partnered with trellyz, Microsoft, WCA (World Cargo Alliance), Distribute Aid and others in an open coalition to encourage our members to use the trellyz Logistics Hub to speed aid to organisations responding to the Ukraine crisis.

The Logistics Hub enables those with goods to list their offers and donations, those with needs to list their needs, and logistics companies to offer transport and logistics options. In the first of it kind multi-entity platform that enables visibility of the humanitarian supply chain, by location and in real time.

The Hub is free to use until next year and so HLA urges our members with aid and supplies to register now to use this platform. As the platform is global, any organisation with significant quantities of aid or donations can make offers of supplies to the organizations in border countries to Ukraine.

Although the platform is launching next week, it has been used in Emergency Management for more than two years for networks of organisations working across borders to respond to disasters. It is now open for the Ukraine response, which is drawing support from around the world.

We will be working with the trellyz team to onboard new users. trellyz will be scheduling demos next week and we encourage you to learn more by reaching out to trellyz at This one page description can be forwarded to others who might benefit from being part of our open coalition approach to solving many humanitarian supply chain challenges.