In times of crisis, rapid response and efficient logistics are crucial for delivering aid and relief to those in need, and with such extensive expertise in aviation and logistics, Chapman Freeborn has played a pivotal role in supporting humanitarian organizations, governments, and NGOs in their aid and relief efforts spanning the last 50 years. Almost every emergency airlift mission over the past five decades has involved an aircraft chartered by Chapman Freeborn.

Chapman Freeborn has recently joined the Humanitarian Logistics Network, reinforcing its commitment to humanitarian efforts. This partnership allows Chapman Freeborn to collaborate with a diverse group of humanitarian organizations, promoting knowledge exchange and cooperation. This collaboration plays a crucial role in managing effective humanitarian responses, as it helps navigate logistical challenges, optimize resources, and deliver aid efficiently.

Chapman Freeborn specializes in providing swift and effective air charter solutions for delivering aid and assistance to disaster-stricken areas, conflict zones, and other regions in need. By leveraging a global network of airlines, cargo operators, and private aircraft, the company can provide humanitarian organizations with access to a wide range of aircraft, including cargo planes, helicopters, and passenger aircraft configured for medical evacuation. This versatility allows for the transportation of large quantities of aid, medical personnel, and equipment to remote and inaccessible areas.

Chapman Freeborn adheres to stringent safety standards and protocols, ensuring that all aspects of the logistics process meet the highest quality and security measures.

Case Study – Turkey and Syria

Chapman Freeborn partnered with several international humanitarian organizations to provide air charter services during this crisis and operated over 45 flights to affected areas. They successfully chartered aid flights to the affected regions from the USA, UAE, Germany, Spain, Belgium, India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Singapore and the Philippines.

Within a few hours of the first earthquake, Chapman Freeborn’s team was immediately activated as it started to receive requests for both passenger and cargo requirements. Chapman Freeborn investigated the best airports in Turkey and Syria to support the efforts of its clients, contacting Civil Aviation Authorities and ground handling companies. At the same time, its humanitarian teams were also in contact with multiple operators in the Middle East and Europe, to ascertain the capacity that would be available as soon as the cargo requests came in.

Many years of civil war have rendered delivering cargo to Syria very challenging, however, Chapman Freeborn’s team navigated Syria’s embargoes and closed borders to ensure the aid reached the people who needed it most, coordinating its onward passage too. The team gained the necessary land permits, flyover rights, and approvals from the Syrian Civilian Aviation Authority and the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, resulting in thousands of tonnes of aid reaching the population.


Through its air charter expertise, rapid response capabilities, and strong partnerships, Chapman Freeborn enables aid and relief organizations to navigate the complexities of disaster zones and deliver life-saving assistance to those in need. As crises continue to arise around the world, Chapman Freeborn remains committed to empowering humanitarian efforts and making a positive difference in the lives of affected communities.