Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme

Partners in Humanitarian Logistics Certification


Fritz Institute and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) have collaborated with leading aid agencies and experts in humanitarian logistics to offer this world-renowned qualification and training programme.

Qualifying as an Humanitarian Logistics professional ensures front-line aid works can deliver humanitarian aid to those most in need in the most efficient and effective way possible. The courses are tailor-made to the specifications demanded by aid agencies to meet the needs of complex contemporary humanitarian operations.

The relevance and currency of the Certification Programme is maintained through inter-agency, collaboration and participation. The programme is managed and awarded by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport(UK). Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) is the worldwide Approved Centre for all of the training courses.

Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme comprises three courses: 

  • Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) which teaches the base principles of logistics and supply chain operations in the humanitarian context in order to increase the proficiency and expertise of humanitarian logisticians working at an operation level.
  • Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (CHSCM) emphasises more strategic elements of supply chain management and is aimed at senior logisticians and logistics coordinators working at the strategic level of humanitarian operations.
  • Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) is like CHL and is at an operational level but is focused on the special supply chain requirements of medical items.

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