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Yemen crisis

Yemen is one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises – and children are being robbed of their futures.

Yemen remains one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world, with around 9.8 million children in need of one or more forms of humanitarian assistance.After nine years of conflict, the national socioeconomic systems of Yemen remain on the edge of total collapse, while conflict, large-scale displacement and recurring climate shocks have left families vulnerable to communicable diseases outbreaks. Millions of children lack access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services, and the country continues to experience regular outbreaks of cholera, measles, diphtheria and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

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What’s Sudan like after 15 months of war, displacement, and brutality?

Fighting has been reported in the towns of Sinja, Sennar and Dinder, prompting an exodus of civilians to neighbouring states.

The war in Sudan is approaching its 16th month, with tens of thousands of people killed and millions displaced in what international organisations say is the world’s worst displacement crisis. Fighting erupted between forces loyal to the Sudanese Armed Forces(SAF and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces RSF in April 2023, the two factions vying for control of the country.

Sudan has been in transition since the 2019 overthrow of strongman President Omar al-Bashir and a subsequent military coup in 2021 as civilian forces tried to establish a government while the two armed parties sparred.

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Tackling Africa’s water crisis: ‘Too little, Too much, Too dirty’

Generally speaking, water management disaster scenarios in water-challenged countries such as South Africa present one of three problems: too little, too much or too dirty.

As these events become more frequent and severe, South Africa will need to lift its game in disaster management to become more resilient. Risk assessments for water-related issues, such as flooding, drought, and water pollution, are therefore essential.

“Effective management of water-related risks involves better maintenance of infrastructure, consistently applying building regulations, maintaining stormwater systems and developing ongoing mitigation strategies,” SRK Consulting senior technologist and disaster management consultant Andries Fourie says. “Other practical measures include regularly reassessing and updating flood lines to reflect new climate realities and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.”

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Aid groups call on the international community as civilians continue to pay the price of inaction in eastern DR Congo

In the latest episode of a resurgence in conflict and violence in eastern DR Congo, hundreds of thousands of people have been forcibly displaced as civilians, civilian infrastructure and NGO staff and assets are increasingly targeted. The involvement of neighbouring countries through their proxy support to non-state armed groups, the presence of several national and regional armed forces, and more than 120 armed groups represents an over-militarization of the region and adds a layer of complexity to the conflict in DR Congo which, if not contained, could lead to a regional escalation.

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How to help Hurricane Beryl victims

Hurricane Beryl, an early-season storm super-charged by abnormally warm ocean temperatures, hammered several Caribbean islands before hitting Texas. At least 11 people are dead. Grenada’s Carriacou island was “flattened” when Beryl made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. It was also the strongest storm to impact Jamaica in more than 15 years. Several charities are actively distributing aid. If you’d like to help victims, click here 

North Gaza Hospital on Brink of Collapse

As the conflict in Gaza continues for a ninth month, the health system in northern Gaza is in shambles. 

A group of surgeons and trauma care specialists with Project HOPE and the Jordanian Health Aid Society–International JHASi recently began working in Public Aid Hospital in Gaza City. The hospital is dangerously overcrowded, medical supplies must be used for multiple procedures, high-need patients must be transferred to alternate locations due to a lack of specialty care or ICUs, and there are not enough health workers to respond to the vast number of patients seeking emergency care.

Public Aid Hospital is one of just three remaining partially functional hospitals in northern Gaza, given that aid services remain nearly non existent due to a lack of access and safety concerns. At this time, Project HOPE and JHASi are the only two INGOs providing medical care in northern Gaza.

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