HLA is pleased to announce THE HOMELAND SECURITY ADVISORY COUNCIL (HSAC) as a new member. HSAC is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that develops an active regional and national network of thought leaders in the private, public, and civic sectors that make the Los Angeles region better prepared, more secure, and more resilient in the face of all threats.

At the HSAC Crisis Leadership & Emergency Management Workshop in 2018, a breakout session was dedicated to disaster supply chain with a focus on the local and regional grocery supply chain during a crisis. HSAC is currently conducting research into domestic disaster supply chains in six key areas (grocery, pharmaceuticals, medical goods, fuel, transportation, and water), as these are growing areas of concern. Staff at HSAC initiated supply chain resilience discussion at the City, State and Federal levels to begin developing partnerships and processes to strengthen the Los Angeles metro region.

HSAC’s specific focus is last mile delivery and any best practices dealing with its improvement. Geographically they are focused on the Los Angeles metro and county areas; Napa Valley and Santa Barbara, California; Texas; Florida; New York; and Puerto Rico. Essentially, any areas in the United States that have dealt with a large-scale natural disaster within the last few years are their targets for research. If you did not assist in these areas, HSAC are still interested in any other information/experiences you have to offer about last mile delivery.

HSAC are also interested in learning about the types of interactions your organizations have had with governments. Have you dealt with mostly local first responders and police/fire departments, or have you had any interactions with state or local Business Operation Centers (BOC)?

If you have any experiences, knowledge, or research you would like to share with us, please contact Desmian Alexander at dalexander@hsacouncil.org.