HLA has partnered with GLC, Global Logistics Competence, a German, UK and Austrian-based consultancy that helps develop local logistics infrastructure, from port to hub-and-spoke-systems, to supply centres and finally to point of consumption.

GLC strives to develop reliable, robust supply chains, fostering production growth and productivity increase. Especially in times of crisis, stable logistics solutions help to shorten lead times and procurement costs.

GLC helps plan, evaluate and implement optimised transportation networks and efficient warehouse operations. Together with logistics techniques, software suppliers and local authorities, a new vision of value-adding logistics infrastructure and processes is generated.

Apart, from providing operational consultancy, GLC is able to train local staff in logistics operations and provides in-depth know-how and expertise to enable staff to run a logistics business on their own.

GLC´s aim is to add value to disaster relief actions and to strengthen self-sufficiency, enabling organisations to help themselves.

For further information, please visit GLC’s humanitarian logistics website: