Following a successful pilot, HLA is rolling out a survey as part of efforts to develop a Knowledge Base (hub) that will meet the informational needs of its membership, as well as aspiring humanitarian logisticians.

Why you should contribute to this project by responding to the survey

  • The next generation HLA Knowledge Base aims to be the central knowledge hub for the humanitarian logistics community, as well as for aspiring humanitarian logisticians
  • Our goal for the final system is to provide noticeable value to you, the practitioner
  • Our objective of the development therefore is to address your needs and build the Knowledge Base around them
  • Your participation in this survey allows HLA to understand your knowledge needs and requirements and to identify potential gaps in currently available humanitarian logistics knowledge, which HLA should work on
  • In combination with the new humanitarian logistics standards, it will now be possible to effectively collect and provide knowledge resources catering to the entire humanitarian logistics community – building on the shared understanding of humanitarian logistics
  • Asking you to contribute to a slightly longer survey allows us to ask in-depth questions and generate true insights about humanitarian logistics knowledge
  • The more responses we receive the better HLA can cater to the diverse experiences and contexts of the community.

The HLA Knowledge Base will complement joint ongoing efforts with the Inspire Consortium to develop common standards for  humanitarian logistics.

For further information about the project and survey please do get in touch with team lead Lothar Weichert at