HLA History

Our Vision

The Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) was founded in 2009 to enhance the level of support provided to humanitarian organisations in order to improve lives. Since inception HLA has become a recognised and respected player in the Aid Sector, with a significant network. HLA is a catalyst for change. The organisation is small, global, and well connected; its proposition gives it the opportunity to work on the system rather than in the system

HLA Purpose: Empowering logisticians to deliver aid more effectively.

HLA’s vision is that by 2035 we will be living in a world where aid reaches those in need faster and more cost effectively, and there will have been dramatic improvements in health and humanitarian aid supply chains enabled by improved coordination, collaboration and connection. 

  1. People get help when needed to alleviate suffering and save lives 
  2. There is shared knowledge, greater collaboration and resource pooling that cuts waste from aid supply chains 
  3. Coordination mechanisms enable private, public, academic and aid sector engagement on aid delivery
  4. Locally developed innovations delivered through local and global partnerships are the norm 
  5. Procurement and supply chains are streamlined to deliver cost effective aid.