HLA is helping Save the Children UK and World Vision to implement the logistics component of the Field Managers in Emergencies Learning and Development Programme (FIELD). With support from the IKEA Foundation, World Vision are currently designing and implementing the programme. FIELD is a sector-wide initiativebringing together different NGOs, civil society organisations and humanitarian agencies to design, develop and deliver it.

What is FIELD?

The FIELD programme aims to strengthen the local and national capacity of those undertaking a front-line managerial role, often referred to as the Field Manager role. This role is pivotal in enabling effective emergency response, yet Field Managers are frequently asked to take on the role with no prior experience and often have to learn on the job.

Essentially the FIELD Programme will be a free, comprehensive online learning resource accessible to all across the sector and across the globe. Using computer game technology to create “serious games”, learners will have a chance to use their knowledge and skills, make decisions and see the outcome of their choices, all in a safe, digital environment.  It will also signpost to other online learning resources, raising awareness of existing learning opportunities and creating a learning hub.

The project is being managed by Marianel Coolen, Humanitarian Learning & Development Advisor with World Vision and HLA is helping to coordinate meetings among interested parties, to create the emergency logistics module of the training programme.