HLA was represented at the 9th Annual Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference by our Asia Red Dot, Dr. Thomas Fernandez. The conference allowed us to learn about innovative approaches to logistics and supply chain and about some of the developments in supply chain in the African continent.

Some of the highlights were a workshop on the development of the African Resource Centre (ARC), which you can read more about here. Although the centre serves health supply chains outside emergency, its development is relies on collaboration and learning from various sectors, which was seen in practice on a workshop facilitated by . Here our sector’s main contribution was on last mile delivery, as in many local contexts the challenge remains in the absence of disaster.

The sessions on aid had a strong focus on cost-effectiveness. In workshop format, participants emphasised the importance of planning and stock pre-positioning to avoid cost escalation.

Our representative took part in the tour of the UNICEF Warehouse, and was impressed by the large scale and almost completely automated systems of the facility, including automated reading of barcodes, updating of the WMS, sorting, and put-away.

HLA will keep following these topics and innovations to bring you further updates.