Geopoll, who are partnering with HLA to provide a free webinar on surveys using mobile technology, are offering HLA members the results of a free survey they are undertaking.

GeoPoll ran a survey via mobile phone (SMS/text message) to gather direct feedback from communities in Mozambique affected by the cyclone in order to support the humanitarian response.  Their remote, SMS-based survey gathered on-the-ground data on infrastructure damages, food security, and the aid needed most by communities.  deliver aid to those who need it.

Anyone who wants to be sent data as soon as it is released can sign up via this link.

Update on 1st survey data

GeoPoll’s initial data, was collected on March 21st from Sofala, Inhambane, Manica, and Zambezia provinces in Mozambique. GeoPoll was able to reach 700 respondents over the age of 18, all of whom were impacted by cyclone Idai, and who represent households of over 4,700 total individuals. The survey was conducted in Portuguese.

Out of the 700 respondents, 206 are located in Sofala province, which was directly hit by the cyclone, and 185 respondents were from Beira, a coastal city of 500,000 which has been devastated by flooding following the cyclone. The data represents those we have been able to reach so far via mobile phone, and does not provide a complete picture of the situation, but does give valuable insights on the level of destruction across the region. Highlights from the data include:

  • 78% in Sofala do not have access to clean drinking water
  • 78% in Sofala do not have access to electricity
  • 85% total say they had damages to their home, with 39% characterizing damages as major – in Sofala, 90% had damages, with 56% saying they are major damages
  • Just 19% overall and 12% in Sofala have received aid since the cyclone
  • Of those who have received aid, 60% received food aid, 21% shelter, 20% clean water, 7% electrical connection and 4% cash
  • Aid most needed is quite split with 32% saying food is most needed, followed by shelter at 18% and cash at 16%. In Sofala they say food aid is needed more, at 40%, followed by clean water at 19% and cash and shelter both at 13%
  • In terms of food security, 75% report they have eaten fewer meals on 3 or more days in the past week. In Sofala 77% have eaten fewer meals on 3 or more days, and  10% have eaten fewer meals on 7 of the past 7 days.

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