Adrian Nance, the former Treasurer and Trustee of HLA and founder of charity, Wings Like Eagles, has been mentioned in various BBC reports, as he is coordinating airlifts in Mozambique following Cyclone Idai, though his charity.

Wings Like Eagles (WLE) has been retained by the Mozambican government disaster team. Adrian points out that the charitable business model of WLE enables them to provide very economical emergency helicopter services in the region. WLE also have a lot of operational experience to help with helicopter relief projects.

Two members of the WLE team – pilot Andrew Shipton and operations manager Clive Langmead – are in Mozambique.

Adrian is also pleased to be transferring skills and helicopter relief experience to a local team. He says: “We also have two Mozambicans who are actively helping us – Sergio and Nelson – with lots more ‘in the wings’ if we need them. They include Dave LePoidevin of MAF Mozambique and the Casa Koinonia guest house, a local hangar for repairs and Christian import agents if we need them, alongside Matthias Reuter of Mercy Air, insurance agents and engineers and many more from South Africa. All their contributions will come out as things progress. This is a team game!”

For more information, contact Adrian Nance or visit their website.