HLA is pleased to announce that Flexport.org has joined as a new corporate member. Flexport.org is the impact group of Flexport, the modern global freight forwarder and customs broker. Flexport.org offers holistic logistics solutions and programs to non-profits, NGOs and social enterprises. In addition to providing discounted end-to-end shipping, it offers pro bono supply chain advice, product donation matching and carbon neutral shipping.

With its unique technology platform and trade services, and its position in the global transportation industry, the company has an unparalleled opportunity and responsibility to help others around the world. Its dedicated teams focus on optimizing humanitarian aid supply chains, leveraging technology and expertise to make logistics a positive force for social and environmental impact.

To find our more, organizations can sign up on Flexport’s website — this is the easiest way to get in touch with their team and process new inquiries. Click here:  https://flexport.org/