Humanitarian transport and logistics is an essential component of disaster  response, and many different organisations and individuals – NGOs, government, UN agencies, private companies, and the military – need to work together to ensure that it is done efficiently and effectively. However, each of these groups have different ways of responding to a crisis, and this can create significant challenges as there are no common set of standards widely adopted, though a range of guidance exists.

As such, the Inspire Consortium, with funding from DG ECHO, intends to consult with the humanitarian logistics community on whether there is a need to build a set of universal standards and guidelines for humanitarian transport and logistics. The initial phase of the process will look carefully at the current situation, identify existing materials, as well as the gaps that are to be addressed, if any. And as part of the process towards achieving this, a webinar is being organized to consult with relevant stakeholders within the humanitarian sector to ensure the relevance and appropriateness of the tool. This webinar will serve as one of the platforms to undertake this consultation.

Specific objectives of the webinar

This webinar presents an opportunity to

  • Introduce the project to stakeholders from across the sector
  • Receive the endorsement of these stakeholders on the inception of the project
  • Identify potential contributors to the project, especially through participation in future surveys
  • Identify existing standards
  • Understand the gaps that exist with the wide adoption of these standards.

Format and plan of the webinar

The 1-hour webinar will be organized in three languages. The first, in English, is scheduled to take place on Friday 13th September at 12.00pm GMT. The Spanish webinar will take place on Tuesday 17th September at 12.00pm GMT, while the French version will take place on Thursday 19th September at 12.00pm GMT. The webinars are intended to be participatory and the various sessions for each webinar will comprise

  • Introduction to the project generally and objectives of the webinar specifically
  • Open discussion on the need for universal standards for humanitarian transport and logistics and how the proposed tool would complement all existing guidance across the sector
  • A presentation of the background work/desk review done so far, including of HLA survey results.

Target group

In order to ensure that this consultation is truly encompassing and representative of the stakeholders involved across the sector, we would like to invite the participation of

  • Senior staff (programs, logistics, finance, etc.) of aid organizations including national and international NGOs
  • Senior staff of donor agencies supporting aid and relief efforts
  • Representatives of government agencies responsible for the delivery of humanitarian aid, including national disaster management organizations
  • Representatives of private sector companies involved in the supply chain of humanitarian transport and logistics.

Instructions for participation in the webinar

Individuals wishing to participate should register their interest for the webinar  here – in English, Spanish, or French – by CoB on Friday September 6th, 2019. Please provide all the relevant information requested including about your role, your organization’s category (e.g. humanitarian /aid, private or public sector) and any expectations from participating in the webinar. A confirmation email of participation will be sent out in the week beginning September 9th, with instructions on how to access the webinar.

We encourage you to share this among your networks and we look forward to your registration and active participation.

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