The consultative webinars, organised by HLA and the Inspire Consortium, as part of the project on developing common standards for humanitarian logisticians, took place successfully as scheduled.  Organised in 3 languages – English, Spanish, and French – it saw representation from diverse groups of participants. The core project team members George Fenton (HLA), and Camille Nussbaum and Daniel Garcia Ibaneh (IECAH) facilitated and made presentations at the webinars.

These webinars served as a good platform to consult with the humanitarian logistics community first and foremost, on whether there is a need to build a set of universal standards and guidelines for humanitarian transport and logistics.

As such, major points discussed include:

  • The need to align standards to the Sphere architecture (including references to the Humanitarian Charter, CHS etc.)
  • The need to ensure the participation of local aid workers and humanitarians in the process.
  • And linked to the above, the need to offer related activities in other languages apart from English in the development of the Standards.

It must be noted that the stakeholders who participated were generally very positive regarding the project and its intended outcomes, with many indicating their preparedness to be involved in the next steps of the project.

Relatedly, as the project continues with this consultation, we will now like to invite you all to complete the HLA  survey on the proposed Knowledge Base, which is now being rolled out following the successful completion of the survey pilot. These findings will provide some valuable insights into the knowledge needs of the humanitarian logistics community, and will help shape the development of the standards.