IOM reaches more than 25,000 IDPs in Yemen with shelter support

Country: Yemen
Source: International Organization for Migration

Of the total number of displacements in 2019, at least 30,000 were triggered by disasters, mainly floods. The rainy season in Yemen continues, putting already vulnerable communities further at risk.

First COVID-19 case in north-west Syria raises fears of rapid outbreak in densely populated area

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Source: Save the Children

In the north-west, there are just 153 ventilators and 148 beds in intensive care units for millions of people. It is also home to more than 1.5 million displaced, many of whom have moved multiple times.

Tens of thousands of severely malnourished children are left without treatment in Yemen

Country: Yemen
Source: Save the Children

Save the Children found services to nurse children back from the brink of starvation had plummeted by 74% since March, meaning 27,500 children a month are missing out on vital treatment to keep them alive.

Iraq: Rapidly rising COVID-19 cases and humanitarian funding shortfall put most vulnerable on the brink of survival

Country: Iraq
Source: CARE

With humanitarian funding for COVID-19 falling short of an alarming rate of 87% for Iraq, CARE urges donors to step up their financial support to manage the current health emergency.

Climate change and conflict stalk the world’s most vulnerable - ICRC

Countries: Central African Republic, Iraq, Mali, World
Source: International Committee of the Red Cross

Countries hit by conflict are also disproportionately impacted by climate change, a double threat that displaces people, disrupts food production, cuts off supplies, amplifies diseases and weakens healthcare.

Number of Sudanese children facing extreme hunger doubles to 1.1 million due to impact of COVID-19

Country: Sudan
Source: Save the Children

The lockdown measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have disrupted markets and cross-border trading, crippling livelihoods and pushing up prices.

World: Up to 12,000 people a day could die from Covid-19-linked hunger by year-end, warns Oxfam

Country: World
Source: Oxfam

"Governments must contain the spread of this deadly disease but it is equally vital they take action to stop the pandemic killing as many – if not more – people from hunger,” said Oxfam's Chema Vera.

UNHCR calls on South Sudan leaders to reinvigorate peace efforts on 9th anniversary of independence

Country: South Sudan
Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Ending violence has never been more urgent as the impacts of fighting are further compounded by COVID-19. Restrictions on movement due to the lockdown are hampering the ability of agencies to deliver aid.

Ethiopia: FAO welcomes additional €15 million from EU to fight Desert Locusts and impact on food security

Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen
Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The UN agency is also taking action to protect rural livelihoods by providing veterinary care for vegetation-starved livestock and cash for families who have lost their crops so they can buy food.

WFP launches seasonal support for one million food-insecure people in Mali

Country: Mali
Source: World Food Programme

The assistance targets IDPs, refugees, returnees, and vulnerable families from July to September – the lean season - when stocks are low between harvests and families struggle to survive with little food.