World: La ONU lanza un plan de respuesta humanitaria para luchar contra COVID-19

Country: World
Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

La respuesta de $ 2 mil millones impactará a 51 países, incluidos los más vulnerables, y se enfocará en entregar equipos de laboratorio e instalar estaciones de lavado de manos, entre otras medidas.

World: Global approach is the only way to fight COVID-19, UN says as it launches $2 billion response plan

Country: World
Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

UN humanitarian chief warns that failing to help vulnerable countries fight the coronavirus now could place millions at risk and leave the virus free to circle back around the globe.

Mozambique: How AI and drones are transforming emergencies

Country: Mozambique
Source: World Food Programme

After cyclones Idai and Kenneth tore across Mozambique in March and April last year, AI and drones were officially used for the first time in a humanitarian emergency by WFP.

Spartan Relief Supplies joins HLA

HLA is pleased to announce that Spartan Relief Supplies Ltd has joined HLA as a partner. SRSL is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has been in the business of supplying Humanitarian Aid to various humanitarian agencies since 1992.

Managing Director, Diptesh Shah states that: "SRSL’s mission is to provide quality, cost-effective international procurement services to NGO’s and UN agencies worldwide. Our team has more than 27 years of experience in arranging supply and logistics to various destinations around the world."

SRSL have ready available stocks of Core Relief Items at its warehouses in Nairobi, and with affiliated factories, for quick response to handle any emergency.

SRSL is your partner in times of natural disasters or humanitarian crisis - a partner you can rely upon to respond to your needs.

ATCO Frontec joins as new corporate partner

HLA is pleased to announce that ATCO Frontec has joined as a new corporate partner.

ATCO Frontec specializes in operational logistic support services, remote site turn-key accommodation and disaster response solutions. With a global reach, it operates across the disaster and emergency management spectrum, from mitigation and preparedness, to response and recovery, supporting the principle “Build Back Better”. Its highly trained teams provide project management expertise, procurement services and logistics, to rapidly deploy mission-critical services, incident facilities and structures.

ATCO Frontec is a valued partner in emergency response around the world. From the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan to Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria in 2017, it has supported municipalities, provincial and federal governments, as well as NATO’s global operations.

To read more about ATCO's work in disaster response, visit their excellent website, which has a number of case studies, or contact David Lampshire.