World: La OMS y ACNUR unen fuerzas para mejorar los servicios sanitarios para refugiados, desplazados y apátridas

Country: World
Sources: World Health Organization, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Un objetivo clave será apoyar los actuales esfuerzos para proteger frente a la COVID-19 a unos 70 millones de personas desplazadas por la fuerza. De ellas, unos 26 millones son personas refugiadas.

More than one million women in Burkina Faso caught between conflict and COVID-19

Country: Burkina Faso
Source: Oxfam

Women and girls in Burkina Faso are facing increased sexual violence, hunger and water shortage as a result of the coronavirus pandemic on top of the existing conflict, said Oxfam in a new report.

UN human rights chief condemns a new outbreak of intercommunal violence in South Sudan

Country: South Sudan
Source: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Reports from Jonglei State indicate that scores of civilians have been killed in attacks across 28 villages between 16 and 17 May, with many more injured and thousands displaced.

World: Armed conflict displaces 660,000 since UN call for global ceasefire

Country: World
Source: Norwegian Refugee Council

Of the 661,000 internally displaced in 19 countries in two months, the highest number by far was in DRC, where clashes between armed groups and the military forced more than 480,000 people to flee.

World: WHO and UNHCR join forces to improve health services for refugees, displaced and stateless people

Country: World
Sources: World Health Organization, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

A key aim will be to support ongoing efforts to protect 70 million forcibly displaced people from COVID-19. About 26 million of these are refugees, 80% of whom are in countries with weak health systems.

Millions dealing with sporadic water shortages, crippled health services in north-east Syria

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Source: International Committee of the Red Cross

Only one of 16 hospitals is fully functioning and more than half of all public health centers are out of service. Sporadic water shortages weaken people's ability to take basic hygiene precautions.

EU’s contribution of USD2.8 million provided relief to Iraqi children in emergency camps

Country: Iraq
Source: UN Children's Fund

This support enabled UNICEF to continue trucking in safe water for drinking and cooking. This helped to protect the health of 90,000 people from dangerous diseases, including AWD and Cholera, in IDP camps in Ninawa governorate.