World: ICS, UNHCR and IOM call on states to end humanitarian crisis on board ship in the Mediterranean

Country: World
Sources: International Organization for Migration, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

The organisations seek the immediate disembarkation of 27 rescued people, including one child and a pregnant woman, who have now been on board the Maersk Etienne for more than one month.

Hunger and fear stalk survivors of attack in north Cameroon

Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria
Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Eighteen people died and 15 others were wounded in the attack on 1 August at Nguétchéwé, close to the border with Nigeria, where thousands of IDPs have sought safety over the past seven years.

GeoPoll survey results on Ebola in DRC available

GeoPoll has been active in the DRC for many years and runs multiple surveys, including collecting data related to the on-going Ebola crisis.  GeoPoll has just completed an SMS survey in North Kivu, surveying community members on a range of issues.  Some of the questions they have gathered feedback from community members on include:

  • Do you know what the symptoms of Ebola are?
  • What is your primary source of news/information on Ebola? (Friends/Family, TV, radio, newspaper, social media)
  • Which social media channel is your primary source of information?
  • How do you communicate with friends about Ebola?
  • Have aid or healthcare organizations been more present in your area than usual in the past two weeks?

GeoPoll has now completed the survey and shared the results, free, online at


Sisu Global Health joins as corporate partner

We are pleased to announce that Sisu Global Health has joined HLA as a corporate partner. Sisu is an award-winning company that designs world-class, clinically proven, patented, medical device technologies for emerging markets. Sisu’s portfolio of devices are rigorously tested and built to ISO 13485 standards in addition to austere environments. Sisu introduces Hemafuse™, a highly effective alternative to cell processors and donor blood for cases of internal bleeding. Hemafuse™ is a completely mechanical device that can salvage, filter and recycle multiple units of blood from where it is pooled internally to be re-transfused.  Without needing electricity, this device can replace the heavy infrastructure of blood banks in mobile/remote hospital settings to treat trauma.

For more information on the company, click here: