Significant efforts by Colombia ensure that nearly 200,000 Venezuelan children have access to education

Countries: Colombia, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Source: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

While 198,000 children under 18 are already enrolled in school in Colombia, most of them in primary and secondary education (79%), around 260,000 still remain outside the educational system.

World: El COVID-19 puede llevar a otros 10 millones de niños del mundo a la desnutrición aguda

Country: World
Source: World Food Programme

Con la pandemia teniendo un efecto ruinoso en los salarios familiares y exacerbando las amenazas existentes, el número de niños pequeños que sufren de desnutrición aguda podría aumentar en un 20%.

EU’s contribution of USD2.8 million provided relief to Iraqi children in emergency camps

Country: Iraq
Source: UN Children's Fund

This support enabled UNICEF to continue trucking in safe water for drinking and cooking. This helped to protect the health of 90,000 people from dangerous diseases, including AWD and Cholera, in IDP camps in Ninawa governorate.