HLA is pleased to announce that Aviation Sans Frontières International has joined HLA as a corporate member. HLA has worked closely with ASF over the past 12 months, with President, Christian Georlette, speaking at a number of HLA-arranged events, including workshops at AidEx Brussels and International Disaster Response Expo, London.

Based in Geneva, Aviation Sans Frontières International (Aviation without Borders) is an international NGO which serves as the umbrella organization of eight independent ASF national members worldwide: France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland and Canada.

ASF is foremost an independent humanitarian air operator which has managed the “last mile” niche through the use of 5-12 seater aircraft for bush flying in war affected countries over the last 35 years.

HLA is working with ASF to improve understanding and communications between the commercial aviation and humanitarian sectors, as well as to create Humanitarian Logistics standards based on humanitarian efficiency.

To find out more, view ASF’s partner page or visit their website at asf-international.org/en