HLA has secured a generous free product trial from delivery system manufacturers, AirDropBox, for HLA paid members and a further discount off its products for those paid members placing an order.

The background

Having researched alternative and low-cost methods of aerial delivery, Relief Aid Logistics (a British NGO) set out to develop a range of safe, cheap and biodegradable delivery systems for use in humanitarian aid and general logistics. In 2013, AirDropBox Ltd was formed to address the lack of such a system.

The system

The AirDropBox is a complete aerial delivery system, incorporating a load container suspended below a parachute. Each system features a self-contained shock mitigation structure to ensure the safety and integrity of even the most delicate payloads.

Offering payload ranges from 1.25kg to 80kg, the AirDropBox system has been tested and deployed from a vast array of aircraft from large Military fixed wing to small rotary wing UA/Drones.

As an air drop system it is incredibly quick and simple to assemble and, thanks to a pre-packed and rigged parachute, can be prepared for flight in under 6 minutes by anyone, without the need for tools, simply by following a step-by-step guide – thus reducing the need for skilled staff and dramatically reducing operating cost.

Tried and tested

Since AirDropBox’s product launch in October 2017,  its systems have been successfully deployed in 14 countries (including two disaster zones) – both onto land and at sea. The systems have launched from 16 different airframes and delivered a variety of goods, from electronics and radio communications, through to medicines and even fresh eggs!

Free trial offer for HLA paid members

AirDropBox are delighted to offer HLA paid members up to one free sample product of each system, valued at £360 in total. The products come in 3 sizes:

  • 1.25 to 5kg Micro (RRP £60 )
  • 5kg to 20kg Mini (RRP £130)
  • 20kg to 80kg Midi system (RRP £170)

This offer is limited to one of each system per paid HLA member, whether they are individual or corporate/NGO (so a maximum of 3 free systems per company please). Delivery to UK-based members will be free of charge. AirDropBox will request that overseas members contribute to the shipping charge.

Discounts on orders for HLA paid members

AirDropBox is also offering two levels of discount to HLA paid members on orders. These are:

  • 5% discount on orders of 1-99 systems
  • 15% on orders of 100+ systems

This offer is exclusive to HLA paid members and will not be offered to anyone else.

Next steps

To benefit from this great offer you must be an HLA paid member (individual or corporate). If so, please contact sales administrator, Clare Martin on Clare.Martin@airdropbox.co.uk. Clare will check with the HLA that your membership is current HLA before proceeding.

If you are not an HLA member but wish to take advantage of this offer, please don’t delay and visit our membership page to sign up.