The conference theme

2021 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference 20-22 September 2021

The conference was held virtually over three days, and focused on different regions each day (Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia/Pacific) to enable active participation from delegates worldwide and gain an understanding of challenges in different contexts.

The conference theme of ‘building efficient supply chain connections’ focused on identifying locally sustainable and globally enabled supply chain management approaches which are adaptable to complex and challenging environments, and was looked at from the perspectives of the conference sub themes.

From the theme Keynote and panelist speaker insights spoke of the challenges they face in varying contexts across the globe, based on which HLA and its Advocacy Groups aim to create pathways forward throughout the coming year. This will include informing policies and strategies to strengthen health and humanitarian supply chain capacity, collaboration and interoperability between international, national and local organisations to ensure quality services, goods and knowledge are exchanged.

annual Health and Humanitarian Logistics
2021 Conference Sub themes

Sustainable, local, procurement

Focusing on barriers to selling into the public health and aid sectors, working to strengthen policy around local manufacturing, quality assurance challenges, environmental issues and support to local suppliers

Health supply chain capacity strengthening

Highlighting how the current public health and aid systems can better support health service logistics and workforce capacity development in conflict zones, fragile states and developing economies, with a focus on critical delivery mechanisms such as mass vaccination

Last-Mile Transport

Showcasing the latest product innovations in transport technology but also ways to address the challenges in accessing remote communities due to poor infrastructure, outdated transport policies and a lack of resources

>The 13th annual Health and Humanitarian Logistics (HHL) conference was co-hosted by the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) and Georgia Tech Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems. Supporting organisers included: People that Deliver (UNICEF), the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL), North Carolina State University, INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab and Northeastern University