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 Members of the Board of Trustees are:

George Fenton (Chairman)

Mr Fenton has over 30 years of relief and development experience, gained in the private and NGO sectors, as a programme manager, logistics and transport consultant and executive. He currently works as Director of the Humanitarian Operations Service Team for World Vision International, and is responsible for the global management of emergency supplies, information systems and telecommunications, logistics and distribution capacity required to support disaster response operations.


Mike Goodhand

A former policeman and commercial logistician, Mike joined the British Red Cross as a delegate in 1989, gaining significant experience in managing relief operations. He later established the international division’s logistics department and supported development of the Red Cross Movement’s Logistics Emergency Response Unit. As Head of Logistics, he is routinely called upon to deploy logistics resources immediately post disaster.


Maggie Heraty, OBE

Ms Heraty is a senior humanitarian logistician, and former transport consultant, with significant experience of working with the UN and NGOs in ‘hazardous and hardship locations’ around the world. She is a hands-on transport and logistics specialist with experience at senior / project management levels and has been responsible for the policy, planning and implementation of numerous transport and supply chain operations. 

Mitsuko "Mich" Mizushima (Secretary/Treasurer)

Mich has led global teams and a multitude of projects in logistics and supply chain management for over 20 years. As Chief Logistics Officer at the Fritz Institute, this expertise expands its capability to provide best practices from private sector logistics to support the operations of its partners in the humanitarian relief community. She has led the creation of both traditional and online supply chain organisations, processes and services.

Adrian Nance, OBE

Mr Nance served for 33 years in the UK's Royal Navy. His roles included directing or employing aircraft in various operations and commanding the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL. Adrian also commanded a training establishment of 1,500 staff and a budget of £110 million per year. Since 2006, as Chief Executive of Wings Like Eagles, a non profit organisation seeking to take helicopters faster to disasters in Africa, he has been working to provide early entry logistics to humanitarian disasters.

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